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Range Rover post-processing

Posted by Fredrik in Blog, Photography

Today I went out for a quick photoshoot as my friend just got his Range Rover covered in satin black vinyl and needed pics for his ad. The car looks awsome sitting on those huge wheels and I was looking forward to shoot it. We were hoping for a clear sunset, as I didn’t have any lighting equipment at hand. That didn’t happen, but the satin black car still looked awsome, as there are no ugly reflections in the paint to worry about. We took a few pics for his ad and headed back home. At the end of the shoot I shot a blind shot from the ground just for fun. It was not supposed to be in the ad, just a random snap really. When I got home I realised that the angle was pretty cool, but that the car had a lot of ugly trucks and buildings in the background when facing that way. So I did the only thing I could think of. Replacing the background with an awsome sky from my collection og stock photos. One thing led to another, and after an hour or so, this was the end result.

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